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Twin Ports Pet Sitters is founded on providing the upmost QUALITY of care and RESPECT for your pets and your home.  We are professional, experienced, insured and bonded.  We lovingly care for your pets. Whether you are on an extended vacation, a weekend away, or having a long workweek, our professional sitters will keep your pets very happy, safe and content at home.  We offer the human touch during your absence.  Your pet deserves it, and we strive to provide it.  It is our mission to fill this void while you are away from your pet. Your pets will receive excellent attention in a place to which they are accustomed. We do this job because of the animals and the people! This is our calling and we love it!  Thank you for sharing your four legged family with us!

Twin Ports Pet Sitters is also insured and bonded for Housesitting.  This is with or withOUT a pet at home.

Superior Clients call Kelly at 218-341-5470

Duluth Clients call Kirstin at 218-590-7777

 Twin Ports Pet Sitter is still accepting new Daily Walk Dog Clients, Cat Clients and Pocket Pets. 

We are NOT currently accepting new Vacation Stay Only Dog Clients.



Customize a visit plan that works for you and your pet's needs.  Terrific for the working pet parent! Create a walk schedule!  Also, perfect for pets whose parents have difficulty walking their dog.   Inquiry about special puppy care.


Personalized and Professional In-Home Cat Sitting where your Feline Babies are provided with care, comfort and companionship in their own home while their humans are away.  They stay in safe in familiar surroundings.


Care for snakes, lizards, turtles, hedgehogs, hamsters, ferrets, rabbits, chickens, parrots, or fish.  If you have a backyard chicken coops, we are for you! We are experienced with exotic bird care.


Many of our pet sitters have been Pet First Aid trained or are Vet Techs.  We are comfortable and experienced with administering medications. If your pets will require medication during pet sitting, please make sure to leave detailed instructions on dosages to be given. 


Conscientious care takers of your home.  (Homes with or without animals). We are meticulous with details and attentive when watching your home and most valued items.  We make sure the home is secure, warm, dry, lights altered, plants watered and any special requests.


Enjoy the benefits of the many extra services including home security care, watering plants, newspaper and mail retrieval, key ready service.  You will receive periodic pictures of your loved pet while your away!


Unique to Twin Ports Pet Sitters is the depth of our EXPERIENCED and TRUSTED sitters!  We have been is business for almost a decade!

The sitters at Twin Ports Pet Sitters are equipped to provide professional pet care services. HONESTY and INTEGRITY are vital to our organization. Our contracted sitters  are recommended with the highest ethics. Sitters have passed a background checked and have different unique pet care experiences, which include, veterinary clinics, training facilities, dog walking experience, exotic experience, farm experience, cat whisperers and more!

Twin Ports Pet Sitters is INSURED AND BONDED.  We are your safe choice.


HI! I am Kirstin! I started Twin Ports Pet Sitters about 9 years ago. With these years of reliable pet care experience, I still wanted to learn more. In 2019, I finished an extensive internship with RR Dog Training. Currently, I am studying to be a Fear Free Certification Trainer. I have a depth of pet sitting experience with every kind of animal you can think of and certified in Pet CPR and Pet First Aid. Yearly, I volunteer at Animal Allies, being part of the Fur Ball team! I am a mother of 15 year old twin boys. However, my first children have been my numerous, well loved pets. Now, I share my home with a very energetic yellow Lab, Farrah, goofy GSP Wix, and a loving cute as a button Morkie, Geeta. Before having the boys, I was in corporate sales selling cardiovascular and diabetes medications and foods for companies such as Pillsbury and Nabisco but left to pursue my life's calling! I am EXCITED to continue following my passion for animals in my career with Twin Ports Pet Sitters! I am HONORED to have the chance to meet, care and tend to you and your pet’s needs. Together with a team of like-minded responsible experienced professional animal care givers, we hope to get to know you and your four-legged family soon!


Kelly always knew she wanted to help animals.  "After getting my degree at Medical Institute of MN, I began working as a Vet Tech. I have worked at several veterinary clinics including a few years with Airport Animal Hospital and Twin Ports Equine. Also, I finished an Dog Theory internship at RR training facilities.  My experience with animals expands beyond cats and dogs to exotics and large animals, although my two favorite are Luna (our loved Doodle Dog) and Gus (our orange Tabby cat)! My most important roll is Mother of our 6 & 9 year old children and wife of a Master Sergeant with the 148th Fighter Wing of the Minnesota Air National Guard.  Being away from your beloved pet and home can be hard on you and your pet, I hope to make this time less stressful for you



Monica has been with TPPS from the very beginning and has been consistently providing our clients and their pets with genuine care. As a Twin Ports native, she lives for being outdoors in all seasons and has been a lifelong caretaker & friend of all types of animals, from the barnyard to the outdoor wild ones, her ability to connect with them comes naturally. 

When Monica isn’t trekking around Duluth with dogs or indulging cats with chin scratches and catnip, she is busy with her family of four and a household of fur babies. She is experienced with large dogs, hers is an Italian Mastiff, along with additional training at R&R that has built on her skills of understanding dog behavior. With 3 cats at home she knows a few things about feline friends too! 

Monica has a keen sense of detail and takes pride in her work.  Along with pet sitting, she is also a professional Freelance Makeup Artist. She considers herself lucky and truly loves being able to have two very different types of work that allow her to pursue her artistic passion, be outdoors, physically active and engage with animals and humans alike. 

One of her favorite things is taking fun photos of pets to send to their owners while they’re away and adding in some humor to the daily routine when caring for your furry, feathered or finned friends! 


Jamie's love for animals started at a young age!  Her professional animal care experience started in 2016.  This experience began as a Vet Assistant at Dougherty Vet Clinic.  She currently is is in Veterinarian Care at PetCare of Duluth.  She has a great deep knowledge and experience in handling and caring for a wide broad of pets.  She has 8 years of Professional Care Experience and Dog Handling.  


Hannah has been an animal lover from a very young age. Growing up, her family raised ducks and chickens and had many family pets over the years. Some of her favorite memories include horse back rides during family trips to National Parks! She currently has two rescued family members - a Siamese mix named Jinx and a fluffy pup named Lewis. After adopting Lewis in 2015 from Ruff Start Rescue, Hannah started fostering and has since taken in over twenty dogs and puppies! This experience has allowed her to learn about different temperaments and training techniques. Hannah’s love for animals and enthusiasm for the outdoors makes her a great companion for your furry family member!


Abbie attended veterinary technology school for 2 years.  After Vet Tech School,  she  interned at Lake Superior Zoo for 1 year.  There she worked with many exotic animals.   She then moved on to the Spay and Neuter Clinic.  Currently, Abbie works in a Shelter Setting Veterinarian Medicine.  She has been contracting with Twin Ports Pet Sitters since the summer of 2021.  She is a great asset and adds to the depth of animal care and knowledge at Twin Ports Pet Sitters.


Dana’s love of animals started at her childhood hobby farm and best friends horse boarding farm.  She received a degree in Biology with the plans of working with animals - while attending college she fostered dogs and volunteered at the local animal shelter UPAWS .  She began her career at Northern Lights Wildlife Sanctuary rehabilitating wildlife of British Columbia, Canada.  She then moved on to Zookeeper positions at Oxbow Park and Zollman Zoo, Jackson Zoo, and Great Lakes Aquarium.  She cared for the animals at the Duluth Animal Shelter.  Danas knowledge includes specialty care of many exotic species, positive reinforcement training, and administering medication/health treatments.  She has dreams of owning her own hobby farm one day but is currently content with her large rescue dog ,Barley, who she plucked off the streets of Jackson Mississippi as a stray 8lb puppy and Rizzo her rescue Chinese Water Dragon.  


Abbey’s love for animals started in early childhood. She grew up in the farmlands of the Midwest, where caring for a variety of creatures came naturally. Abbey especially loved spending time with the family dogs, and carried that love into adulthood, raising a pack of four rescues from puppyhood into old age. Abbey has been pet sitting for people’s furry family members for more than a decade, however, her professional career working with dogs only began about five years ago. While living in North Carolina she completed an internship with Appalachian Dog Training, where she assisted with puppy socialization, obedience and service dog training. During this time, she also worked as a caretaker and grooming assistant at a boarding facility for dogs and cats. After leaving North Carolina to adventure for a while, Abbey and her husband settled in Washington state where she worked as the lead dog handler at Lucky Dog Daycare in Tacoma, managing a pack of 30 to 40 dogs a day. She is currently enrolled in a dog trainer program to help strengthen her knowledge and understanding of dog behavior while also learning a variety of training techniques. An avid hiker, she loves being outside and finding new adventures. When she isn’t adventuring with your dog, you can find her on the trails with her year and half old hound mix, Doc, or curled up on the couch with a book and her fourteen year old beagle mix, Moo. Abbey is passionate about helping humans understand their canine friends better and loves creating meaningful, engaging experiences for all the animals she visits!



Eric has loved and been around dogs most of his life.  From the childhood family pet Squeaker (Boston Terrier) to his dogs Timber (Siberian Husky), Willie (Golden Lab), Maggie (Golden Retriever), Emma (Golden Retriever) and now Vader (Boston Terrier/Golden Doodle mix), he has always had a dog around as a best pal.  Eric is retired Navy and a retired small business owner. He loves to be outside and walk. Before joining Twin Ports Pet Sitters, Eric used us for his own dogs for several years.  When retirement fully took shape, he joined us as a walker and has enjoyed meeting and walking with all kinds of dogs.  


Betsy grew up with family dogs, primarily labs, and several pocket pets.  At 24, she got her first dog, a Siberian Husky, and in time another, and then another.  In due course, Betsy began skijoring with these dogs and got the bug to grow the dog pack and get into recreational sprint sled and skijor racing.  Ultimately, her pack grew to include a MinPin/Chihuahua mix and a kennel of Siberian and Alaskan husky sled dogs.  In 2017, she began working at Canal Bark with their boarding and daycare dogs.  During that time, she completed a professional dog training internship and then began leading puppy socialization classes and beginning obedience classes.  In 2017, Betsy also began working at PacKare, providing companion animal care in clients’ homes.  Twin Ports Pet Sitters is thrill to have her as part of the team!  She brings incredible knowledge and experience!


Ever since Morgan was a little girl she has always had a passion for loving animals. It all started with garden snakes, butterflies, mice, and frogs. She insisted that she needed to keep them all as pets although her mom wasn't too thrilled when she'd come home with a new animal in a five gallon paint bucket. She has had cats, dogs, and hamsters growing up and knew it would make me very happy to work with animals in some sort of way. Her passion for animals became even stronger when "I became close to my brother's pup, Cooper. He is my all time fav and motivates me to help other dogs reach the level of intelligence he has. My favorite part about working with TPPS is connecting and enjoying the time I spend hanging out with our fur friends. It makes me so giddy!" 





-  in home meet & greet, let us get to know you and your pet(s)… time to gain pertinent information and answer further questions.



-  food change, kitty litter scoop out, playtime, home check, includes meds as needed.



-  walk, fetch, cuddle time, tailored to the needs, home check, includes meds as needed.



-  attend to your caged, pocket pet. 


3 visits to your home each day, including 2 walks or half hour playtimes.


4 visits to your home each day, including 2 walks or half hour playtimes.



-  3 visits to your home during the day to help you crate train your puppy.


PET TAXI - $21

-  safe trip to or from vet, groomer or such.



-  Customers with larger gardens requiring watering.



-  home security, mail, deliveries, watering plants, key service.  Photos texted or emailed of you pet while you’re away!



Our journey with you and your pet can be broken down into 5 easy steps:

1) Contact

You and your pet can email us twinportspetsitters@gmail.com or call 218-590-7777 we can talk about your pets needs. At this time we can check availability for dates requested.  From here, we can schedule a consultation.


2) The Consultation

We require a one-time consultation prior to use of our services scheduled with Kirstin. It provides us with an opportunity to meet both you and your pets. At this time, we will create a file for yours, your pets and homes needs. In the file, we will note all the details of your pet’s daily schedule, eating habits, likes, dislikes, favorite sleeping place, walking routine… Consultations typically take between 30-60 minutes. At this time, we also go over our policies, paperwork, insurance coverage, and schedule.

3) Scheduling Service

Once you have reviewed your completed file you and your pet are officially a client of Twin Ports Pet Sitters.  At this point, TPPS is an on-call service.  You can call, text 218-590-7777 or email twinportspetsitters@gmail.com to request service.  We do not charge any extra fees for last minute requests; if we can fit you in we sure will help you out.  We know life happens.  If possible, please let us know of upcoming requests as soon as you know, this helps assure availability.  All clients are required to have a lockbox or code for entry.  TPPS will supply a lockbox for small deposit when you first book service with us.


4) Confirmation of Service / Vacation Stay

 You will receive a schedule / invoice upon request of service.  The day before service you will receive an email of “confirmation of start of service.”  We ask that you leave payment for pickup on the first day of service. 


Many of our clients are regular clients.  These clients are billed every two weeks and payments are due every other Friday.  Regular client send in their weekly schedules the Friday prior.


All clients will receive a daily photo of their pet.  You will have an opportunity to touch base with your sitter if needed.  The sitter will also fill a daily report at every visit.  You will learn who was happy, what adventures they had, where they walked, who pee’d, who poo’d, were they fed…  Also, learn about your home, mail check, packages, lights altered, home secured…You will really know what happens when you are gone.


5) Afterward

We hope you return to a happy, sleepy content pet.  Twin Ports Pet Sitters strive to give your pet lots of personal attention and love.  At this point, you must call or text and let us know you are with your pet.  If we do not receive this call, we will continue care until we know someone is with your pet.



7 days a week, 365 days a year!

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